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petroleum Junk Mill

  • Section Mill

    Contact NowSection MillSection Mill Section mills are primarily used to mill sections in the casing for: Sidetracking, gravel packing, and/or perforation zones. GAOTON section mill is available in a variety of Casing sizes, ranging from 4 1/2" to 13 3/8". The blades are...Read More

  • Junk Sub

    Contact NowJunk SubJunk Sub During drilling process, drilling fishing cup is applied mainly for fishing of shivers and fallen objects such as carbide tooth, drill bit and bearing which can not be carried out of hole by conventional fluid circulation, etc. It possesses important...Read More

  • Junk Mill

    Contact NowJunk MillJunk Mill Milling tool is a kind of tool for milling the fishes. Such as bits , cone, cutter gauge, slip elements, swivel wash pipes, subs , parts of deep-well pump, etc. The flat bottom and concave junk mill milling the fishes with the effect of drilling...Read More