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RTTS Safety Joint Valve Assembly

  • Safety Clamps (WA-T Safety Clamps, WA-C Safety Clamps, and MP Safety Clamps )

    Contact NowSafety Clamps (WA-T Safety Clamps, WA-C Safety Clamps, and MP Safety Clamps )Safety Clamps Safety Clamps are tools for handling flush joint pipe and drill collar . There are three types of safety clamps : Type WA-T, Type WA-C and Type MP. Usage: To handle the flush joint pipe and drill collar. You could adjust the No.s of Chain Links...Read More

  • RTTS Packer

    Contact NowRTTS PackerRTTS Packer RTTS Packer is a large bore and mechanical set hookwall packer which can pack off bi-directional pressure. RTTS packer is designed for formation testing, acidizing, cementing plugs and other operations. RTTS packer could perform a variety...Read More

  • Clamp Assembly

    Contact NowClamp AssemblyClamp Assembly: The function of Clamp Assembly mainly in connecting the intermediate draw bar in power end system and the piston rod in hydraulic end system of the well drilling slurry pump . It is forged and processed from 35CrMo. We can manufacture the ...Read More

  • Shear Relief Valve

    Contact NowShear Relief ValveShear relief valve: The JA-3 piston shear relief valve is widely used for high pressure spray drilling rig , it can be used for other media(oil, water etc). With high pressure system, it has the features of: 1. Easy to open and close, 2. The piston area of...Read More

  • OMNI Circulating Valve

    Contact NowOMNI Circulating ValveOMNI Circulating Valve OMNI Circulating Valve is a circulating valve which is controlled by the annular pressure. The valve can achieve multiple switches. It is suitable for FUL-FLO formation testing of cased hole, tubing conveyed perforation,...Read More

  • Valve Assembly

    Contact NowValve AssemblyValve assembly: Valve Body & valve seat are die-forged by supplier alloy steel, using advanced mechanical technology and heat treatment method to get high degree, dimensional accuracy, high strength and toughness, the surface hardness not less than...Read More

  • Drill Pipe ( DP, Short Drill Pipe, Drill Pipe Tool Joint, Friction welded Drill Pipe )

    Contact NowDrill Pipe ( DP, Short Drill Pipe, Drill Pipe Tool Joint, Friction welded Drill Pipe )Drill Pipe As the important part of drill string , Drill Pipe is used to transmit torque to the Drill Bit . Each Drill Pipe is furnished with a pressed steel thread protectors. In the process of oil and gas extraction and refining, drill pipe can be used...Read More

  • RTTS Safety Joint

    Contact NowRTTS Safety JointRTTS Safety Joint RTTS Safety Joint is a king of security tool. When a packer is stuck, you can use RTTS safety joint to help raise pipe string above the safety joint and make this safety joint disengaged, exerting a pulling force to the pipe string...Read More

  • Piston Assy, Piston Assembly

    Contact NowPiston Assy, Piston AssemblyPiston Assembly: Piston Assembly is made of forged alloy steel, on which a herringbone gear with the medium-hard teeth surface is machined. For easy maintenance, single row radial cylindrical roller bearing with double ribbed outer ring is used. The pinion...Read More

  • Pinion Shaft Assembly

    Contact NowPinion Shaft AssemblyPinion Shaft Assembly Basic Info. Structure: crankshaft Application: Mud pump Usage: Oilwell Drilling Min.Order: 1 set Means of Transport: Land, Ocean, Air Supply Capacity Production Capacity: 1000 sets per year Packing: sea worthy package Delivery Date:...Read More