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Lifting Cap manufacturers

  • RD Sampler

    Contact NowRD SamplerRD Sampler RD Sampler is a full bore Sampler which is used in cased hole and is operated by annulus pressure. It is mainly used in the full bore formation testing jobs to get the formation fluid sample under downhole pressure state. The entire test tube...Read More

  • OMNI Circulating Valve

    Contact NowOMNI Circulating ValveOMNI Circulating Valve OMNI Circulating Valve is a circulating valve which is controlled by the annular pressure. The valve can achieve multiple switches. It is suitable for FUL-FLO formation testing of cased hole, tubing conveyed perforation,...Read More

  • Lift Cap (Lift Nubbin, Lift Bail, Lift Plug, Lifting Cap)

    Contact NowLift Cap (Lift Nubbin, Lift Bail, Lift Plug, Lifting Cap)Lift Cap Lift Cap is also called Lift Nubbin, Lift Bail, or Lift Plug . It is the tools for lifting of drilling tools , such as drill collars, stabilizers, etc. In the Oil and Gas exploration drilling operation. Size: All size Please specify when ordering: ...Read More