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Down Hole Tools Valve Assembly

  • Pinion Shaft Assembly

    Contact NowPinion Shaft AssemblyPinion Shaft Assembly Basic Info. Structure: crankshaft Application: Mud pump Usage: Oilwell Drilling Min.Order: 1 set Means of Transport: Land, Ocean, Air Supply Capacity Production Capacity: 1000 sets per year Packing: sea worthy package Delivery Date:...Read More

  • Kelly Valve (Kelly Cock Valve, Upper Kelly Valve, Lower Kelly Valve)

    Contact NowKelly Valve (Kelly Cock Valve, Upper Kelly Valve, Lower Kelly Valve)Kelly Valve Type: upper Kelly valve and lower Kelly valve Kelly Valve is also called Kelly Cock Valve , which is a manual control valve in drilling string cycle system. It is one of the effective tools for preventing blowout.Upper kelly cock is located at...Read More

  • Shear Relief Valve

    Contact NowShear Relief ValveShear relief valve: The JA-3 piston shear relief valve is widely used for high pressure spray drilling rig , it can be used for other media(oil, water etc). With high pressure system, it has the features of: 1. Easy to open and close, 2. The piston area of...Read More

  • Float Valve Sub (Plunger Type Float Valve, Flapper Type Float Valve, G Type Float Valve, F Type Float Valve)

    Contact NowFloat Valve Sub (Plunger Type Float Valve, Flapper Type Float Valve, G Type Float Valve, F Type Float Valve)Float Valve Sub Float Valve Sub is usually connected on the top of the bit to control down hole liquid. While stopping pump and connecting with single, it can prevent waterhole from being plugged by re-flowing drilling. When blowout occurs, it can serve as...Read More

  • Manual Tong ( Manual Rotary Tong, Oilfield handling tools )

    Contact NowManual Tong ( Manual Rotary Tong, Oilfield handling tools )Manual Tongs Manual Tongs, is also called Manual Rotary Tongs. Type: Type DB Manual Tongs (HT 65) , is used for making up or breaking out the screws of drill tools and casing joint or coupling. It can be adjusted by changing latch lug jaws and handling...Read More

  • Hole Opener And Reamer ( Hole Opener, Roller Reamer )

    Contact NowHole Opener And Reamer ( Hole Opener, Roller Reamer )Hole Opener Fixed Diameter Hole Opener is used for enlarging the drilling hole, which is applies to Onshore and Offshore oilfield industry. Cutters available: SM: soft to medium formation MH: medium to hard formation XH: hard formation ...Read More

  • OMNI Circulating Valve

    Contact NowOMNI Circulating ValveOMNI Circulating Valve OMNI Circulating Valve is a circulating valve which is controlled by the annular pressure. The valve can achieve multiple switches. It is suitable for FUL-FLO formation testing of cased hole, tubing conveyed perforation,...Read More

  • Valve Assembly

    Contact NowValve AssemblyValve assembly: Valve Body & valve seat are die-forged by supplier alloy steel, using advanced mechanical technology and heat treatment method to get high degree, dimensional accuracy, high strength and toughness, the surface hardness not less than...Read More

  • Piston Assy, Piston Assembly

    Contact NowPiston Assy, Piston AssemblyPiston Assembly: Piston Assembly is made of forged alloy steel, on which a herringbone gear with the medium-hard teeth surface is machined. For easy maintenance, single row radial cylindrical roller bearing with double ribbed outer ring is used. The pinion...Read More

  • Clamp Assembly

    Contact NowClamp AssemblyClamp Assembly: The function of Clamp Assembly mainly in connecting the intermediate draw bar in power end system and the piston rod in hydraulic end system of the well drilling slurry pump . It is forged and processed from 35CrMo. We can manufacture the ...Read More