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Die Collars factory

  • Die Collars

    Contact NowDie CollarsDie Collars The Die Collar is a special tapping and fishing tool , but its operation is from the outside wall of the fallen pipes, such as oil tubing and drill pipe . It is more efficacious for those fallen sleeve substances without hole for with blocked...Read More

  • Open Die Forging

    Contact NowOpen Die ForgingOpen die forging Open die forging is also called free forging , a processing method to make the metal freely deform in all directions between the anvil surface by the impact force or pressure, and obtain the required shape and size and certain mechanical properties...Read More

  • Die Forging

    Contact NowDie ForgingDie forging Die forging is a method of forging forging parts by moulding rough on special die forging equipment. Features: Precise dimension Small machining allowance Complex structure High productivity If you have any on hand requirements, please feel free to let...Read More