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  • Rotary Kelly ( Square Kelly, Hexagonal Kelly )

    Contact NowRotary Kelly ( Square Kelly, Hexagonal Kelly )Rotary Kelly Kelly is the drive part of whole drill string, it transmit the torsional energy from the rotary table to the bit in the bottom of the hole. Threads is phosphated, and each Kelly is furnished with a pressed steel thread protectors. Kelly shall be...Read More

  • RD Sampler

    Contact NowRD SamplerRD Sampler RD Sampler is a full bore Sampler which is used in cased hole and is operated by annulus pressure. It is mainly used in the full bore formation testing jobs to get the formation fluid sample under downhole pressure state. The entire test tube...Read More

  • RTTS Safety Joint

    Contact NowRTTS Safety JointRTTS Safety Joint RTTS Safety Joint is a king of security tool. When a packer is stuck, you can use RTTS safety joint to help raise pipe string above the safety joint and make this safety joint disengaged, exerting a pulling force to the pipe string...Read More

  • Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG, Casing and Tubing, CSG and TBG, SMLS pipe,seamless tubular SAW pipe, Line Pipe, Pipes and Fitting)

    Contact NowOil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG, Casing and Tubing, CSG and TBG, SMLS pipe,seamless tubular SAW pipe, Line Pipe, Pipes and Fitting)Oil Country Tubular Goods is also shorted as OCTG, mainly used for oil and gas well drilling, gas transmission. It include oil drill pipe , casing , tubing , sucker rod . Oil casing is used to support the oil and gas well wall of the steel pipe, to ensure...Read More

  • RTTS Packer

    Contact NowRTTS PackerRTTS Packer RTTS Packer is a large bore and mechanical set hookwall packer which can pack off bi-directional pressure. RTTS packer is designed for formation testing, acidizing, cementing plugs and other operations. RTTS packer could perform a variety...Read More

  • OMNI Circulating Valve

    Contact NowOMNI Circulating ValveOMNI Circulating Valve OMNI Circulating Valve is a circulating valve which is controlled by the annular pressure. The valve can achieve multiple switches. It is suitable for FUL-FLO formation testing of cased hole, tubing conveyed perforation,...Read More