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How To Operate Oilfield Stabilizer?

How to operate oilfield Stabilizer?

1.The selection of type shall be made according to the formation to the drilled and drilling process condition.

For the hard formation with good feature of mud slurry, it is better to use Small C value, otherwise, larger value is better.

When stabilizer is used in strong abrasive formation, the replaceable sleeve stabilizer is the best option. Because it is  not only easy to replace wear sleeve but also can prolong the service life of the body and thus cut down the cost.

2.Assembly and connection

Stabilizer shall be used with drill collar that have great rigidity. In general, one unit consists of 3-5 stabilizers. First stabilizer is direct connected with the bit, making the distance between bit and stabilizer is the shortest, third and fourth stabilizer would be fixed at first winding tangent point of drill collar, fifth stabilizer would be fixed at second winding tangent point of it. This operation can reduce swing of bit and drill collar for keeping stale drilling direction.

3.Operation conditions

Before put into use of stabilizer, over 30 meters of regular hole shall be already drilled in advance. The hole shall be not oversize so that the stabilizer can centralize the lower drilling tool and making drilling tool to drill quickly along this direction.

4.Inspection during working

Before run in down-hole every time, inspections shall be made on connection thread of stabilizer and abrasive materials of centralizing surface as well as serious worn position of O.D., including the flaw detection, the heavy worn part shall be replaced immediately as so to raise the rate of renovation rate.


a.During transportation and handling, thread shall be wigh special thread protector, the wear layer surface shall be wrapped with protective substance to avoid any damages suck as collision.

b.When connection with stabilizer, double tongs shall be use to make up to ensure that the shoulders on two ends of stabilizing sleeve can be stood up steadily.

c.After use every time, stabilizer shall be cleaned, lubricated with anti-rust grease.

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