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High Quality API Stadand Oilfield Stabilizers

Oilfield Stabilizer

The Stabilizer is an important tool used to prevent from borehole deviation in petroleum, natural gas, geological exploration and drilling engineering. When strong rigid drill collar is equipped with and large bit weight is given, the implementation of applicable stabilizer which  reduce a rate of deviation and of azimuth, can avoide the production of dog leg and will improve the well wall quality, drilling speed and drilling costs reduction.

Main Structure

The Stabilizer are divided into four types: 

  1. Integral spiral stabilizer ( Integral three-spiral type, integral four-spiral type) LX;

  2. Integral straight rib stabilizer ZL;

  3. Roller type stabilizer GL;

  4. Replaceable sleeve spiral stabilizer KH.

Four kinds of abrassive material for working surface for the stabilizer are available:

  1. Inserted hard alloy;

  2. Surface inserted diamond compound;

  3. Low tempreture surface brazing tungsten carbide slug;

  4. Surface bead welding abrassive welding rod.

The mechanical properties of stabilizer shall meet the specification of API Spec.7.

Also Available: Integral Blade Stabilizers, Stabilizer forging, Stabilizer blank, Non-Rotating Stabilizers, Straight Blade Stabilizer, Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer, Mandrel Stabilizer, Spherical Stabilizers, Float valve Stabilizer, String Stabilizer, Near-bit Stabilizer

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