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Oilfield Cementing Casing Centralizers - API Standard

Casing Centralizer

It is an important device which is used to keep the casing at the center of the hole in the aim of improving the cementing efficiency. The purpose of a Casing Centralizer is to facilitate running casing to the desired depth and assist in centering the casing in the well bore.

Gaoton has about 10 years experience about the Casing Centralizers, exported to Middle East, Latin American, and Central Asia. Our clients existed all around the world.

Gaoton's mainly Casing Centralizer type include: 

※    Roller rigid centralizer

Roller rigid centralizer.png

Roller rigid centralizer.png

※     Hinged centralizer

Braided centralizer.png

※    Single bow centralizer

Bow spring centralizer.png

 Just click here if want to learn more the necessary technical parameters. Oilfield Casing Centralizers.png

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