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Oilfield Cement Head, Double Plug Cement Head

Cement Head

Usage: Cement Head is a special tool for cement slurry injection and release plug, and it is a device for cementing at the top of casing. One or two cementing rubber plugs can be installed at the same time. The double plug cement head can be used for conventional double plug well cementation, and can be used for continuous double stage cementing operation.

1.With quick connection, which could be easily connected on site, and can be connected with the API threads for a wide range of application.
2.Double balance tube structure, in the use of the lower interface for cementing operations, so that the rubber plug up and down at both ends of the same pressure, eliminating the negative pressure shaft suction on the impact of the retaining pin, open and block off the pin easily.
3.Double indicator structure, accurate display of the through of cementing of rubber plug, which is easily to judge by the operator.
4.The main body is made from the thick wall seamless pipes, which is the high pressure and long service period
5.Upper cover cap and union nut is used large pitch trapezoidal thread, which is easily to dis-assembly.

SSC double plug cement head
DSC single plug cement head
ZSC drill pipe cement head 

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