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Oil & Gas API Standard Fishing tools

Fishing tools are the most widely frequently used and the most complete specifications of oil and water wells.

Gaoton have dealt in various Fishing tools for many years, such as: 

Die Collar

A Special external fishing tool which is tapping on the outside wall of tubing objects such as tubing and drill pipe.

It is long cylindrical integral structure which is consisting of sub and tap body with threads in interior of cone as shown in the fig l. The die collar is made of high strength alloy and is made with a cutting groove in the fishing threads.

Die collar.png

Taper tap

Taper tap is a special fishing tool making thread in tubular dropped objects such as drill pipe and tubing. It can be used for different fishing operation when equipped with left hand thread or right hand thread drill strings

Tap taper.png

Fishing Magnet

Gaoton Fishing Magnet combines advantages of Reverse Circulation Fishing Basket and Fishing Magnet. Its unique reverse-circulation design brings better performance on cleaning bottom hole.

The assembly consists of lifting bail, top sub, housing, magnet element, pole plate, standard flush guide, and steel ball. It could select appropriate guide while using.

Fishing - Magnet.png

Junk Basket

During drilling process, junk basket is applled mainly for fishing of shivers and fallen objects, such as: carbide tooth, drill bit and bearing which can not be carried out of hole by conventional fluid circulation, etc. 

It possesses important functions to keep hole toe cleaning, increase bit service life, reduce and prevent drill bit from unexpected damage.

Junk Basket.png


Overshot is an external fishing tool for engage, pack off and retrieve tubular fish, especially for fishing drill collar and drill pipe. The grapple of the overshot can be designed for different sizes of fish, so one overshot can be dressed with different size of grapple components for fishing different sizes of fish.


Other items just like Junk mills, Washover, Multi-String Cutter, etc also be available.

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