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Bow spring centralizer

Bow Spring Centralizers

1. Structure:

Model DCT-C bow spring centralizer consists of collars and bow springs. Collars are made of carbon steel, bow springs are made of spring steel which are heat treated and tempered to 

required harness to ensure proper and consistent spring characteristics.

2. Features:

1) Centralizers are designed to exceed the performance requirements of API-10D specification for both starting force and restoring force.

2) Bow Springs are made of spring steel which are heat treated and tempered to required hardness to ensure proper and consistend spring characteristics.

3) End collar hinges are folded to the inside. This acts to minimize the collar stretch that trends to occur when centralizers encounter tapers common to some pipe connections.

4) A reinforcing rib stamped into the end collar. This acts to strengthen it and ensure maintenance of its round configuration during transportation.

5) Several different spring bow heights that are available to accommodate most any casing to hole configuration.

6) Centralizers with built-in stop devices as well as those unusual size available on request.

3. Usage:

1) Check the surface of centralizers before using. Ensure the connection fastness, there is no shatter and no distortion during the transportation.

2) Mount centralizers on the collars of casing without the stop collar, ensure pins' direction in accordance with mounted pins'. And fold the tail of pins, protect pins falling off.

3) Running speed must be steady, avoid cranshing the centralizers.

4)Centralizers must be used in accordance hole size.

5) Don't open the box without using. Deposited in drying rooms, and avoid contact corrosive.

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